Making Money Online in India: 7 Legit Ways to Earn Extra Income

As India’s economy grows at an impressive rate, more and more Indians are joining the ranks of the middle class. This growth in prosperity leads to greater spending power, and these days, many middle-class Indians are opting to use the internet as their primary source of news and entertainment rather than traditional media such as newspapers and television. What does this mean? It means that there are plenty of potential customers for anyone who knows how to make money online in India! Whether you want to start a business or get your side hustle on, here are seven ways you can make extra income through the internet from home in India.

1. Look for Freelancing Work
One of my favorite ways to make extra money online is by doing freelance work. The great thing about freelancing is that it can take on many forms, such as writing, coding, or design. You can own your schedule and spend more time with family, or you can run with a quick task and have an income extra cash. I personally prefer a healthy mix of both.

2. Try Content Writing Jobs
There’s no shortage of opportunities out there for people looking to earn money online. Depending on your skillset, you could write articles, white papers, short stories, or even web content. Some companies will pay well for a quality piece of writing, while others will take your content and re-sell it as their own. Other options include listing your expertise on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, which can lead to steady income if you work hard at it (more on that later). Other popular ways to make money online include affiliate marketing and freelancing jobs with sites like Freelancer and Upwork.

3. Start Blogging
While starting a business is an excellent way to earn money, many of us don’t want to go down that route. Another great option is blogging. If you have something valuable you can share with people, start your own online publication and let them pay for it! Here are some ways you can make money from blogging in India.

4. Look For Translation Jobs Online
If you speak English and another language, then the translation is a great way to make money online. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple frequently hire authors, bloggers, and other content creators to translate their material into other languages. Making your profile on a freelancing platform will allow you to apply for these jobs (and many others) at any time of the day. Since these are businesses located all over the world, it makes sense that they would need someone available at all times should an order come through. Nowadays most platforms have turned into workflow management systems where everything can be tracked and new projects assigned as needed or wanted. Check out X-Jobs for a list of big companies using them or use one yourself!

5. Work as a Travel Agent
While some might turn their noses up at a career that is tied so intrinsically with holidays, remember that travel agent are often self-employed and can set their own schedules. If you’re good at what you do and enjoy working with people, then setting yourself up as a business is worth considering. Research available programs through your state tourism board or local community college. You can also go independent, putting your own website together that advertises your services or selling them through portals like Airbnb and Expedia. Consider how much time you want to put into it—and if working from home would be a big advantage for you—before making any decisions about an online course of action. Or just freelance!

6. Find Data Entry Jobs
There are many ways you can find online data entry jobs, but at its core, it’s going to come down to finding a website that will pay you for your work. Many websites will actually be looking for people like you who want to work from home and need a way of getting some cash into their pockets. Finding these sites is going to be up to you, but here are some places that have previously offered freelance work: Upwork (previously known as oDesk), Freelancer, Virtual Vocations, and FlexJobs. To get started with making money online with data entry jobs, sign up for all four of these sites by filling out their registration forms and start building your profile!

7. Invest in Stocks
Do you want a simple way to make money online? If so, consider investing in stocks. Stocks are essentially pieces of a company and can be bought for as little as $1 per share (though it’s typically less). Investing in stocks is different from trading or buying and selling individual stocks because a stock investor becomes part-owner of a public company. It’s not perfect, but if you have some spare time and are looking for an easy side gig, it might be worth investigating.

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