How to Get Approved for Adsense in Less Than a Week

Google Adsense is a powerful advertising program that allows you to earn money from your website without affecting its content or the reader experience. However, there are certain rules to follow in order to gain approval and get access to the Google Adsense dashboard, which can be intimidating if you’re new to the process or don’t know where to start. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get AdSense approval quickly and easily so you can begin earning money from your site as soon as possible. Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Sign Up
When signing up for Google’s AdSense program, you must provide some very basic information about your sites, such as their targeted audience and content. Having already created some content (and made sure it is properly optimized), filling out these fields should be fairly easy. For example, if you’re targeting high school students interested in sports and pop culture, there’s no reason why your description shouldn’t include those things! When signing up with Google’s AdSense program you need to have a Paypal account set up or have another payment method on file.

Step 2 – Pick an Interesting Topic
The easiest way to get approved for Google AdSense is to have an interesting topic. No matter how great your site looks or how well you write, if your site doesn’t have anything interesting about it, chances are you won’t get approved. There’s no formula for picking out an interesting topic because every person has different interests, but I’d recommend picking something that you like (as long as it isn’t obscene). The easiest way is just to do a search on Google News and click on any story that has been tagged as hot news or related words. This method probably isn’t going to come up with many topics though, so try using Yahoo! Answers or Quora. You can also just spend time brainstorming on your own.

Step 3 – Create Great Content
You’ve got a great title and description. It’s time to focus on getting your first piece of content written. Write as much as you can – 500 words is good – and try not to think about SEO just yet. The purpose of writing at length is so that when you come back later, you will have plenty of copy on which to work your SEO magic. Google rewards sites with tons of relevant content, so go ahead and put that effort into creating something substantial and rich with keywords, along with formatting that makes it easy for people to read it. Add links as well!

Step 4 – Review Before Submitting
Before you submit your post, look it over and make sure it contains no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. If you’re using tracking software like Google Analytics, check to see if you have correct information about your traffic sources (where are people coming from?) and bounce rate (how many people leave right after landing on your page?). Make sure each of these pieces of information matches up with what you expected when creating and writing your post. Also, be sure that every link is working. Even if they all lead back to other areas of your site, there could be a broken link or some kind of technical issue that could cost you traffic later on down the line. Don’t lose any business because of an unexpected dead end!

Step 5 – Add the Code and Wait
Getting approved for Google AdSense isn’t a 1-day process. It took me about 2 weeks from submitting my application and getting approval from Google, but I know people who have gotten approved faster. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you longer; just get working on your next site and then submit again when you have new information! As long as you have good content, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get approved eventually. If your application is turned down, don’t give up hope! Just go back and double-check everything. This will be time well spent because it means that when you resubmit with correct information, Google will likely approve you even faster than they did last time.

Step 6 – Receive Email from Google
Google offers you $100 on your first ad and you have 30 days to make it. If you are willing to take on these terms and agree with them, click Accept! At that point, Google will ask you which website/blog you want your ads placed on. If you don’t already have one, create one! Fill out all of your contact information such as name, email address, and phone number. Google will then send an email asking the person who is responsible for the payment. In your response, list yourself so they know who they should be contacted if there are any issues regarding payments or any questions about their services after publishing with the Google Adsence program.

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